Saturday, April 09, 2005


Last night...actually early this morning, I had a dream about NY (most likely because my mind has been on the trip) but Matt Lynch was in my dream and I haven't thought about him in...I have no idea how long! (Sorry Matt-if you are reading this).
I told mom about my dream this morning and she said the same thing, he has not been brought up in a conversation in a long time.
Oh well, ever since the dream Matt has been on my mind and I feel bad that I don't know how he is doing or where he is or what he is up to, and it has been on my heart to pray for him.
So, if anyone knows how Matt is doing or what he's up to, please tell him I say "Hi"!!
I don't have much time since we are waiting for Pj to come home before we head out to the Main Street Arts Festivel.
You can check out where we will be at
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


P.S. I am going to say this just for Matt Bonawitz's sake - it is sunny and in the 80's today! :-)